About Us   

Jay Welsh

After years of living an easy and enjoyable life I had my first panic attack at aged sixteen. I felt that my life had disappeared and I was left with something that I had no idea how to deal with.

I tried various different methods to work out what had changed, but it wasn’t until I came across Life Coaching that things really started to improve for me and I started to live my life again. I was back.

I then started to get curious about knowing how the mind works. Why do we get anxious? Do we need fear? That’s when the studying started and after years of spending most of my spare time being fascinated with what I was learning I found myself in a position to help others.

This was the most rewarding feeling I had ever felt.

I qualified as a life coach and became the person that I needed all those years ago.

I have met and worked with so many people who, for various reasons, found themselves struggling to find their way, and it’s now my life’s work to help them get back on their path to a life full of excitement and purpose.

I live in a small village in Hertfordshire and my coaching can be in person or on-line. I also work in Performing Arts, coaching young people in performance skills and Directing and Producing stage shows.

I love to work with people who are ready to explore, get passionate about life and step into their brilliant selves.

Mandy Spray

I believe in people; their passion, their power and their unique contribution to life. The world needs you to be you. Nobody else, just you.

I know that we can lose ourselves, feel confused, lost or frustrated with things not turning out the way we’d like them to. I also know that understanding how life works is the key to finding ourselves again. With that understanding comes the energy needed to get into the flow of life and to really start living again from a place of enthusiasm and excitement.

A healer at heart, I have worked as a nurse and a social worker and have trained and practiced with many forms of complementary therapies before training as a mentor and coach twelve years ago.

I now run my own on-line coaching business from my home in London, UK.

I am Mum to two young adults and often write or speak about my parenting experiences – what great teachers our kids can be!

From East Devon originally, I love to revisit the Devon Countryside as often as possible. I also have a strong connection with the North East of Scotland and stay there regularly.

My personal journey has included periods of anxiety and overwhelm which involved hiding myself for fear of criticism and ridicule. Many of you will recognise this!

Having my own coach by my side while I navigated life’s ups and downs has been invaluable and helped me to find my own path. Hence my becoming a coach!

I work with people who are also ready to discover who they really are. Those who are ready to experience life as their authentic and unique selves.

When you see yourself, your true self, you’ll fall in love all over again.

Work with us

Rediscovering you and creating the life that you want.

Rediscovering who we really are is the first step to creating the life that we are destined to, and deserve to live. A life full of wonder, exploration, great health and fun. We start to let go of the worry and doubt that have held us back from living to the full expression of ourselves.

The clarity that comes with knowing who we are and what we want can be life changing as we see a world full of possibilities and excitement.

Our coaching style is to work alongside you; listening to you, guiding you, making suggestions and sometimes challenging you!

We work with people who want to rediscover who they are and want to live a happier, healthier and more exciting life.

Wherever you are on your journey we can help.

You might have a clear idea of where you want to be but want support and mentoring to travel that path, or you might be feeling lost, confused and frustrated.

You may have a deep knowing that things can and should be different and you’re needing more clarity.

We help you to access that clear-minded state where new ideas and creative solutions have room to breathe and grow. Once we see the benefit of that state we just want more!

As people deepen their understanding of who they are and how they can live more authentic, happier and more fulfilled lives, change and growth inevitably happen. This can feel uncomfortable, exciting and everything in between.

Working with us during these times will make the journey more interesting, more fun and more expansive.