Having a coach who can help you to make sense of life is like having a trusted advisor and friend who is also your biggest cheerleader.

As Jay says “This is an exciting journey. It should feel like you have a friend and guide on the journey with you!”.

Although Mandy and Jay have their own unique coaching styles, they definitely come from the same page – a passion for helping others to make the most of their experience of life.

They encourage you to explore who you are and what you want from life, while helping you to see and clear the blocks that get in your way!

They know that you already have everything you need to live the life that you want. Their job is to help you to see that for yourself.

Making Sense of Life  –   Individual Coaching Sessions with Mandy or Jay   

These sessions are perfect for anyone wanting to explore what’s going on for them, make sense of their lives and get excited about allowing some changes and growth to happen!

Having someone alongside you and in your corner can create powerful shifts. Shifts that lead to the fulfilment of the dreams that have been lying dormant inside.

Your coach will connect with you from a place of deep understanding and curiosity, while helping you to see what’s really going on.

You will find yourself remembering that you have a resilience superpower that, when accessed, will help you to regain clarity and perspective. This leads to a more enjoyable experience of life.

Details: Each session happens online, normally on Zoom.

The cost for a single session is £95 (with a 10% discount if you have subscribed to our email list!)

If you’d like to know more, please get in touch via our Contact page or book a free intro call.

Mandy’s Coaching   

The Release Programme – accessing a clear mind

A 3-month 1:1 mentoring programme with Mandy that will help you to make sense of Life; to understand why you feel bound by events and circumstances and to access the real you – the resilient, loving, creative and empowered person that you are!

You may have found it hard to talk about your worries and fears, your past, and your stories of you. You may have been discouraged to talk, felt awkward or embarrassed or have been reluctant to burden others!

Mandy will encourage you to tell your story, and see the absolute benefit of you hearing your own voice, as you explore and discover who you really are in a safe and supportive space.

You will see that we often, and innocently, become defined by our stories, of who we are and what we can do in the world. These stories then become limiting beliefs that really can fall away as we point you back to who you really are. And then watch the Magic unfold!

You might be wanting to make specific changes in your life, perhaps in your relationships, your health, your finances or your career. Or you might just feel that you are weighed down by old stories, beliefs and experiences and you’re fed up with the same old, same old! Whatever brings you here, know that you are ready to move on and that I will, though this programme, support you, stand with you, encourage you and celebrate you.

“Giving yourself the gift of spending time with Mandy will prove to be ‘the gift that keeps on giving’ “

This programme will contain ten immersive 1:1 sessions; the sessions are usually held via Zoom.

The cost is £1,000 for the full programme.
[Payment by instalments available]

Jay’s Coaching   

The Evolve Programme

This is a 3-month programme containing ten 1:1 online sessions. Using a combination of NLP techniques and good old fashioned conversation, Jay will help you to create the version of yourself that you want to be and then become it. 

Although we may follow a detailed structure, these sessions are designed to feel as though you are just chatting with a mate. At no point does Jay want you to feel as if you’re being “Coached”.

Here is the structure we follow:

Explore: This is our time to find out exactly where you are in life and why you feel as though you are in this position. I want to know you as much as you’ll let me.

Visualise: Let’s dare to dream. We’ll get ambitious and speak openly about what you want your life to look like. Whether you want more of something or less of another, we’ll get crystal clear on where you want to be.

Organise: We will look in depth into what you do on a daily basis and the habits that you have that may be contributing to your life now.

Learn: I want you to understand how and why these techniques work. Ultimately, we want this new you to be more than just a temporary phase. I want to teach you how to unlock ultimate confidence and if you’re interested, talk to you about the science behind what we’re doing.

Verify: At this point, we will have a very clear idea on who you want to be and what you need to do to become it. We will eliminate all restrictions and allow you to become ready for the final step….

Evolve: This is it. You’re ready. We will look through a few steps for you to give yourself permission to become your ideal self. 

The cost is £1,000 for the full programme.
[Payment by instalments available]